What Kind of Exercises Are Deadlifts & Lunges?

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Deadlifts and lunges typically fall into a very specific category of exercises. Find out what kind of exercises are deadlifts and lunges with help from an Olympic-certified boxing trainer, fitness expert and speaker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cary Williams-Nunez here at Prime Time Boxing. I'm fitness expert and boxing coach with Prime Time Boxing and the USA Boxing Team. We're going to be going over deadlifts and lunges. I'll be showing you how to do those with a barbell and also with dumbbells. The first exercise we're going to be doing are deadlifts. I have the barbell right in front of me so I'll be showing you that first. Basically what we want to be doing is keeping our knees slightly bent, keeping our back straight, chin up. We're going to squat down with our feet oh a little less than shoulder width apart. What I'm going to do is I'm going to grab that barbell here, a little wider than outside my knees here and I'm going to come straight up, again that back has to be very straight, okay, chin up, shoulders back and I'm going to lift and I'm going to keep that bar right where my knees are and lift it up, just like that. So I'm going to bring it back down, same motion, chin up and then back down and then I'm going to lift it back up again. My chin is up, my back is straight and I've got pressure in my heels. I'm lifting up, keeping my back arched, slide in front of the knees and lift up, shoulders back. That's going to be our deadlift with the barbell. So bring it on back down, we're going to go over to the dumbbells here, 15 pounds so you can go lighter, you can go heavier, depending on you know, what you're looking for and what level you are at. So what we're going to be doing again is keeping our feet about shoulder width apart on this one. We're going to be coming down. Those dumbbells are going to touch the ground here so I'm going to keep everything very straight, so I'm going to bring my heels up, back straight, grab these weights, press my heels down and then lift. So that way we're not lifting with our back, we're lifting with our legs. So as we bring it down, chin stays up, we come down, again my heels come up. Now I'm going to press my heels down, keeping everything straight and in line, press the heels down, we're here, press it up. So one more time, down, press the heels down, chin up, back straight and up. So those are exercises for our deadlifts. Lunges, we will use a barbell first and you can do these without weights as well so we're just doing it kind of a little intermediate here. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to just grab this here, I'm going to put it behind my neck. You can put a pat on it as well, throw it up, right behind you. So we're going to start in this position, a little less than shoulder width apart on the feet, and we're going to take a step forward. We're going to be doing forward lunges and back lunges. The back lunges are for people who have a bit of maybe a knee injury so they're a little less stressful on the knees. I'm going to step first with my right foot here and come down, the knee doesn't pass the front toe, and bring it back and then left, same thing and bring it back and again we can do the back lunge. So we're going to bring the left foot back, down here, bring it back and then to the right, bring it back, again a little less stress on the knees when we do them backwards. You're going to press with your hamstrings, your glutes and your quads on this exercise. So let's show you dumbbells, alright, so if that bothers your neck which sometimes it does, you can always grab some dumbbells or nothing at all, move that out of the way a bit, there we go. So I'm going to do the forward and the backward lunge, right foot first, we're going forward, keeping nice and relaxed in the top, chin straight, step forward, come down, again knee doesn't pass the front toe and bring it back and the left, down and back, here, down and back. So again we're going to do the backward lunge. So you can see I'm breathing a little heavier already. It's the added weight, always does it, so left foot back and up and right foot back and up and left foot back and up. So there you have it, we've got whatever you have to work with, you don't have weights, not a problem you can just do it without weights. So whatever works for you as long as you're doing them, deadlifts and lunges, great exercise, cardiovascular, woo, I'm already breathing heavy.


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