Glute Exercises for Flat Butts

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Glute muscles can be built with lunges, reverse lunges and curtsy exercises. Find out about glute exercises for flat butts with help from an Olympic-certified boxing trainer, fitness expert and speaker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cary Williams-Nunez. We're here at Prime Time Boxing. I'm a fitness expert, boxing coach with Prime Time Boxing and boxing trainer for the USA Boxing Team. We're going to get into exercises for the glutes. Glute exercises for flat butts, yes that's what everybody wants to see. So first we're going to be doing some step-ups with some kickbacks and I'm going to show you that right here on this box here. So what we're going to do is stand about a foot away from our box and you could do it a little higher if you like like the boxer ring is a little higher so whatever level you are at is fine. You're going to take one step up. You can use your right foot first, make sure your heel is all the way on that box. We're going to press it up. The left leg, the one that is hanging there, you're going to do a kickback. You're going to feel that in your glute. You're going to feel it also in your hamstring and you're going to make that leg nice and straight. So after I do my kickback, I'm going to place that foot down. So now my left foot is down and I'm going to step down with my right foot. As soon as my right foot touches, I'm going to push it up, you're really pressing with that left foot, here I'm going to do my kickback with my right foot, bring it back to the box, and then I'm going to alternate again. So here we go, left foot is down, we're pressing it up, kicking that back, put the foot right back on the box, stepping down, pressing it up, kicking it back, nice and straight, you want your toe a little pointed when you kick back, again left foot down, press it down, kick it back, back down, here, press it up and kick back. So that is our step-up with a kickback, so working those glutes and what we're going to do also is we're going to be doing curtsies. So they sound all fun and everything but this one really works the buns, okay. So what we're going to do is we're just going to stand just kind of in a normal position, nice and relaxed. I'm going to take my left foot and I'm going to cross it behind my right foot and I'm going to cross it back into like a squat position. You see my left heel comes up and back. I'm going to come stepping over this way, move my box out a little and then I'm going to take this left foot, the right foot, I'm going to cross it back into a curtsy position, almost touching the ground and then you can bring your hands up too if you'd like to because that could work your back and your arms as well and then come back down, again almost touching the ground, coming up and curtsy again. Again your knee is pretty level here so you're kind of at a 90 degree angle and then pressing it up, back down, the left knee is almost touching the ground but not quite and back up. You're really feeling it. It should be burning in your glutes right now. So now what we're going to be getting into is a lunge with a kickback. We're going to be doing backward lunges so that we can have just a small space to do these in. What we're going to do, we're just going to stand this way here, we're going to step back with one foot and then kick back. So I'm going to start with my left foot. So I'm going to step back into a lunge and then I'm going to kick that same foot, kick it back, nice and straight, toe pointed and then I'm going to do my right foot, step it back into the lunge and boom, kick it back. As soon as we're pressing up with the other foot, we're going to be kicking back the opposite foot. So press it back and kick it. Again, right foot, back and kick it. So this is our backward lunge with the kickback and you will feel it, you're going to feel it in your glutes. You're going to feel it in your hamstrings, a little bit of everywhere. So there you have it, all three of those, curtsies burning, woo, aerobic, anaerobic, muscular strength, build the glutes. That's what we're doing today.


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