Super-Toning Dumbbell Exercises

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Super-toning dumbbell exercises don't require an expensive gym membership, but they do require a few key pieces of equipment. Learn about super-toning dumbbell exercises with help from an Olympic-certified boxing trainer, fitness expert and speaker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cary Williams-Nunez, fitness expert and boxing coach of Prime Time Boxing also the USA Boxing Team. We're here at Prime Time Boxing, and we're gonna be going over some super toning dumbbell exercises today and we have our trusty dumb bells here we're gonna do 2 different exercises and they're more compound to where we're doing 2 exercises in 1 shot. So let me grab these 10 pounders, again you can go light or you can go heavier so whatever works for you is good. First thing we're gonna be doing is a curl with a squat so what I'm gonna do is shoulder width apart on my feet and we're simply going to curl, we're gonna do a hammer curl which is up just like this so we're in position so all we need to do now is squat with these weights right here. We're squatting down keeping the chin up and pressing it back up, bringing our weights back down. Again, we're gonna go in to a hammer curl with elbows in, always want to breath when you're pushing your weights so when you're lifting you're breathing out and then we're gonna be going down into a squat, again heels on the ground, chin up, bringing it down, back up, curl it, bringing it down and back up. Okay, so that's the curl and the squat. So now lets get into something that's gonna work our hamstrings a bit and our back. We're gonna be doing what is called a stiff leg dead lift and we're gonna be doing a row with that. So basically I've got my feet together I'm gonna turn sideways slightly here. What I'm gonna, I'm gonna come straight down with legs straight, my back has to be very arched and my chin is up so I'm coming down, I'm gonna go down as far as you can, you don't want your back to hurt you want to feel it in your hamstrings and your glutes, keep your chin up and then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna bring my weights sideways and then I'm gonna row it back so I can feel everything working in my back right there, bringing it back and lifting it up and again we're gonna go down, stiff leg, turn the weights, bringing it back, back down, and bringing that body back up, again stiff leg, turn the weights, row it back, bring it back down and back up. So again we've got 2 exercises in 1 shot each one of these you could do lets say maybe 20, 25 reps just depends on where you're at in your fitness level, again weights you can do 5 pounds, you can do 10 pounds, you could do 20 pounds. Wherever you're at it's gonna work and those are super toning exercises with your dumbbells.


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