Outsourced Call Center vs. In-House

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Outsourced call centers and in-house call centers both have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Learn about the differences between an outsourced call center versus an in-house center with help from a PR and marketing expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Heddi. I am very laid back, today. I'm the big cheese founder of travel gift card, MyTab.co, coming to you from San Francisco. We're going to talk today, about using an external call center versus in-house. Now, for MyTab, we actually do have an external call center. But I'm going to show you the pros and the cons of why we do that. I'm a complete control freak, but there are some things, you need to choose your battles and get the right people for the job. I'll give you the rundown of this, so you an make an informed decision. Let's get going. O.k., so, we use TWI, TWI.US, really, really, really cool company. They have a bunch of different solutions listed down here. But one of the reasons why we like them, is because they also had a really nice call sales center. Now, we didn't know how busy we're going to get when we launched. So, you click on that link. We didn't know we were going to outsource. And then, the date when we would launch and whether it's going to be really slow. We had no idea, we had a whole new business, a whole, new way to travel. We needed help to get going. Now, sometimes these are cheap and other times they are actually, really cost effective. Because you need to be time and cost effective. So, what we did, they have quality, great quality service, they've got, if you need to have the tech support as well or for database systems or reports and summaries. We wanted to use them purely for tier one, customer and general tech support. So, o.k., the pros and cons. The pros, leave somebody else to deal with the customers. I'm insanely impatient, I am absolutely, way to feisty. The people who have a question after a question, after a question, it's not my personality. Somebody in the call center, absolutely is a lot more patient for customers who are slower. I can also manage with my team, my business better, from having a separate set of eyes, or you can see that as well. Separate set of eyes of people viewing the patterns and trends of customers, and it's obviously time and cost efficient. The cons, it costs cash to be able to obviously pay them and retain them. Will the support center represent your company the way that you want. That's up to you to decide, I'll explain that afterwards. Maybe you need to be in control and speak directly with customers. Our solution, we have a customer call center, we love TWI, but we also have our own IM. Our IM is our instant message, using Olark.com, there's about two or three good ones, but I really like Olark, and it's great for starters. So, I'm going check our out, so you have a quick look at it. This is TWI for customer call center. If you're looking down here, what you're going to see in just a moment, but it's popping up. Oh, no, we stepped away, messages, please. That usually would be available saying, hey, we're here, can we help you? You can then, communicate directly with the customers. So, we can speak to our customers direct through the IM on a daily basis, it pops up, and we use TWI for the bigger picture. Make sense? So, we're controlling what we're doing,and we also can get these great reports from our customer call center. So, again, back to one point, will the company, the call center represent you in the same light? That is up to you to make sure you have got your act together. We have a massive list of Q and A's that are internal with TWI. And they're absolutely fantastic on no to knees down, and using them for reference, they understand the company, they understand what we're about. We've got remember, their point of view, people are not, not everybody is dedicated to us. One day, we will be absolutely enormous and we will have our own dedicated call center. For now, no, we don't. You've got to choose your battles. I am really retentive, I am the worst person for customers services, I have no patience whatsoever. They're perfect for that, so I lay out exactly what I'm wanting from them, and they follow through. Because they're following instructions, it makes life easier. I can focus on what I'm really good at, my team can focus on what we're really good at, we can be time and cost effective. Yeah, we can also use this amazing call center to be able to oversee the bigger picture. But if we want to communicate with customers, one-on-one everyday. We ping upon, oh, look, you say, hey, we're open for business, obviously the websites have been running. But if you now, want to chat with us and we get lots of customers coming through. Just typing away, I can't get this, I can't do this, I don't know how much we need to add to my account, I mean, it could be anything, even the most stupid questions. But we're there, and it's easier. So, we can get the best of both worlds. My name's Heddi, I'm the big cheese founder of travel gift card, MyTab.co., coming to you from San Francisco, have a brilliant one.


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