Isometric Exercises for the Arms

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Isometric exercises refer to the specific type of muscle contractions that happen during these techniques. Learn about isometric exercises for the arms with help from a fitness expert and certified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kristy Lee Wilson. I am a personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist. You can visit my website at Today, I'm going to take you through two isometric exercises for the arms. So isometric exercises refer to muscle contractions that really produce little to no movement around a joint. They're very common in sports such as gymnastics and very often used in rehabilitation programs. The first exercise we are going to do is going to be for the biceps. So you are going to use dumbbells. You can even use a barbell if you want. And very simply we're just going to hold this position not moving at all.The resistance of the weight you are going to push up against the weight. The weight's going to want to pull your hands down. Hold this position for 20 to 30 seconds. And do about two to three sets. Great exercise for the biceps. The second exercise we are going to do is going to be for the triceps, the back of the arms. You're simply just going to provide resistance with your opposite hand. Place your other hand keeping the elbow in close to the side. And you are just going to press down. You'll feel the back of the arms, the triceps contract. And you're also working the bicep of this arm. Same thing again hold 20 to 30 seconds for two to three sets. Very effective exercise for the triceps. I'm Kristy Lee Wilson. We just went through two isometric exercises for the arms.


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