Combining Upright Row With Shoulder Press

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Combining the upright row with the shoulder press is a great way to work out a few different parts of your body at once. Learn about combining upright rows with shoulder presses with help from a longtime certified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Renee Byrd with Camp Gladiator in Dallas, Texas, here to talk about how to combine an upright row with a shoulder press. Some key points to remember, your hands are going to stay about your hip width, thumbs are right outside your thighs, your core is drawn in, chest is up and you're really going to engage those stability muscles throughout the entire exercise. The other thing you want to remember is never to lock out your knees this entire movement. So with your hands in line, your shoulders are back, remember, small bend in the knees with your chest drawn up, you're going to row your bar up, right as you get to your top you want to tuck those elbows under, pressing nice and tall over your head. Again, not locking out your elbows at all. Bringing it back down, reversing that same movement, bringing the elbows up and over the bar. Again, up nice and controlled, tucking the elbows under, pressing the bar over your head. Again, I'm Renee Byrd with Camp Gladiator, and we just went over the proper way to perform an upright row with a shoulder press.


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