How to Do a Tricep Kickback With Arms Straight Out Behind You

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Doing a tricep kickback with arms straight is the best way to do one of these very worthwhile exercises. Find out how to do a tricep kickback with arms straight with help from a longtime certified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Renee Byrd with Camp Gladiator, and today we're going to talk about how do you tricep kickback properly. Today, I'm going to show you guys how to do an amazing tricep kickback, really targeting the back of the arms. The most important thing you can do with this exercise is make sure that you have the proper form and technique. You're going to place one knee on a, maybe a weight bench or a bench like we're using today. You want to make sure you never ever lock out the knee that's on the ground, that's very important. And you're also going to make sure that you don't lock out the supporting arm as well. The hand that has the weight, you're going to drop that elbow up, okay; while you're here you're going to make sure that your chest is out, your abs are in, your back is nice and flat and your neck is lined up with your back as well. So, as you kickback your weight, you're just going to make sure you get a really nice squeeze at the top, slowly releasing it back down to the bottom. You're going to want to do about 15 reps on one side and then don't forget, you still have to do the other. Again, I'm Renee Byrd with Camp Gladiator and we just cover how to perform the tricep kickback properly.


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