How to Fake Eyeliner

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Faking eyeliner requires a few basic things, like an angle liner brush and some eyeshadow. Make fake eyeliner with help from a makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everybody. My name is Joi. I'm a freelance makeup artist, and I want to show you all today how to fake eyeliner. So we're going to need a couple of things. I'm going to be using an angle liner brush along with some shadow and I'm going to be dampening the brush with a little bit of my fix spray here. So if you want to do a liner, a line on your eye, and you don't actually have an eyeliner, you can take your brush and just kind of dampen it with a fix spray. If you don't have fix spray you can use a little bit of water. Shake off your brush so that it's not too wet. And then you want to dip into whatever eyeliner, whatever shadow color you choose to make your line. I'm just going to use a little bit of like a sort of charcoal black color here. And then you just want to take your brush, just as you would if you were using a gel eyeliner. Just going to go along the lash line. And since it is wet it will go on just as if you were putting on a gel or cake eyeliner. If you need to, to make it just a little bit darker, you can actually go ahead and do another line. Because it is powder. So if you need to layer it you can. And I'm actually going to do that really quickly just so you could see how it works. Going to take a second line here and go directly over the first line that I made just to intensify the line. So you could see it a bit better this time. Do that on both eyes and you're done. So a quick easy way to fake an eyeliner when you don't have a real one. So I hope this was helpful to everyone. Thank you guys for watching and again my name is Joi.


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