Ballet Strengthening & Toning Exercises for the Leg & Buttocks

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When it comes to ballet, you should always be focusing on a few key strengthening and toning exercises for both your legs and your buttocks. Find out about ballet strengthening and toning exercises for the legs and buttocks with help from a certified Pilates instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sarah from Pilates by Sarah Luna. I'm going to show you some ballet exercises that will help tone your inner thighs as well as as your glutes. So we are going to start by laying down on our back coming to a Pilates first position with the feet flexed. Lower abdominals engaged and back lengthened on the mat. Kind of touch as many points as possible. Go ahead and lift the right leg off the mat pointing the foot, working through the ankle and lower it back down. So if you are familiar with ballet terminology this is known as a tendu. So instead of standing up we are doing it on our back so we create different gravitational pull. Go ahead and do 10 of those without adjusting in the hips, so staying stable increasing your rotation and your external strength. Go ahead and switch to the other side and do 10 on the left working from a flexed foot to a point foot. Going to about a 45 degree angle. Then we are going to go to the side. So still staying on your back in your Pilates first position take your right foot and tendu it out to the right pointing the ankle. And flex it back in squeezing those inner thighs. Ten times in and out working through that ankle extending through the leg. Pulling up in the abdominals, relaxing the chest and breathing. Switching to the other side to even your body out 10 times on the left. Then you are going to flip onto your stomach. Put the hands either by your side or underneath your forehead. Tunnel the abdominals so that you have engagement there. And lengthen the legs behind you. Go onto a Pilates first position so that your heels are touching towards the ground and your toes are open. We are going to lift that leg off the mat and set it back down 10 times, working the the glute and the hamstring. And then go to the other side, 10 times left lifting up and lowering. As you are doing this make sure that the hips don't drop off. So you want both hip bones down on the mat at all times. And abdominals held in trying to keep the tension out of the upper back and shoulders so that all of the work happens in the lower extremities. So these are three exercises for the professional ballerina or for the ballet novice that will give you the toning and the strengthening that you are looking for.


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