Is Marriage Counseling Covered by Health Insurance?

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Whether or not marriage insurance is covered by a health insurance policy depends entirely on the specifics of your own situation. Find out if marriage counseling is covered by a health insurance policy with help from an insurance broker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Susan Combs. I'm an insurance broker for Combs and Company. Today, what we're talking about is is marriage counseling covered on my health insurance. The short answer is typically yes it is and how it's typically covered is as a specialist visit on your health insurance so the thing that you need to find out is how a specialist visit is covered. Is it covered by where you just pay a copay, do you have a deductible that has to be satisfied and then a percentage is covered, you need to find that out first. And as a specialist visit it's covered under the portion of your health insurance that is considered mental health and the thing to keep in mind depending upon your health insurance is if you have an in-network only plan, you need to make sure that that doctor is in-network so that it has a contract with an insurance carrier that you are working with. If you go to a provider that is out of network and you do have out of network coverage, the main thing to remember is that you submit your claims. We've seen a lot of times where people go to out of network providers and a lot of times it is for therapy reasons and they come back and say I haven't gotten paid, I haven't gotten paid but if it's an out of network provider, they're not doing any of the paperwork for you, you have the responsibility to submit all the claims yourself. So in order to utilize your health insurance the best way possible, get as much money back as possible, you need to be educated upon your plan. So either talk to your professional provider that is working with you and they can advise you properly.


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