How to Do Romantic Brown & Gold Eye Makeup

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Doing romantic brown and gold eye makeup is a lot more straightforward than you probably think it is. Find out how to do romantic brown and gold eye makeup with help from a freelance makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everyone. My name is Joi, Makeup Artist in New York, and I'm going to show you how to do a romantic brown and gold eye shadow look. So, in addition to my eye shadows and my brush, I'm also going to be working with a coal eyeliner pencil. And the reason for that is that is going to create the nice brown base for our romantic look. So, a coal eyeliner pencil is very much smudge-able. So, we're going to put that on first and starting with the base, at the base of the lashes; it doesn't have to necessarily be neat 'cause we're going to end up smudging it out. Okay. So, I'm just applying that and then I'm going to take my smudger and just going to soften it and draw it upward. Okay. If you don't have a smudger brush, you can actually just use a blending brush. You just want to make sure that it looks a bit smooth here so that when we put our shadow on, it layers well. If you need to add just a bit more in the middle, you can go ahead and do that. You want to make sure that you get it high enough so that when you open your eye, the color doesn't get lost under the lid. Okay. So, we've got our base and in the end, we just want it to look smoky and well-layered. So, we also going to do a bit underneath, "Okay, go ahead and open", just take the liner underneath; again, you don't have to necessarily be neat 'cause you it to look smoky and you're going to blend. And we're just smoothing that edge out there. Okay. The coal eyeliner is actually going to make sure everything adheres and that your romantic look lasts you throughout your day. Okay. So, that is the base there and then, what I'm going to do with my gold is I'm actually going to just kind of layer on different shades of gold. Okay. So, I've got a medium gold that I'm using here and I'm blending out over the edges of the brown that we applied. And as you can see, you can still kind of see the brown through the gold, just our gold there. And then bringing the gold a little bit past the edges of the brown. Okay. And continuing to layer the different shades of gold. If you like, you can pop a bit of a more yellow or brighter gold in the corner and just make sure that you're blending. Okay. And then, doing the same thing underneath, you can use the same brush if you like or if you have something smaller that you feel more comfortable with, you can use that as well. Okay. So, that's basically the technique there, we're doing layering. Layering of the shadow and the liners, making sure that everything looks soft on the edges. Okay. You can finish that up with a bit of a soft layer of the coal liner over the top and smudge it out and again, with a little bit of black mascara, that works with everything. So, thank you all for watching and again, my name is Joi. Bye.


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