What Is the Technique for Benching?

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Benching with the proper technique will help make sure that you get the results you deserve. Learn about the proper technique for benching with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Bill Victor from VictorFitnessSystems.com. And I'm here today, to talk to you about the chest press, also known as the bench press. The chest press is one of the greatest exercises in building the upper chest muscles, also known as the pectoralis major or the pectoralis or the pecs. And plays a key role in your ability to put your arms in a full extension. A couple things to remember when doing the chest press, to make sure that both feet are in contact with the floor. That the bar is at a height, that is, when it's un-racked, allows your elbows to extend. And that the head also stays in contact with the bench. The lifter should avoid lifting or arching the lower back, in order to perform the movement. When performing the chest press, it's critical that you align yourself in the positions that we just discussed. To place your hands on the bar, equidistant or similar distance away from each weight. Prior to un-racking the bar, you want to make sure that the bar is centered at the bridge of the nose, and when unseated, the elbows lock. The canes or timing of the movement should be a four second deceleration or descent of the bar. Without making contact with the full chest and then, pushing in a straight line, directly over the sternum in two seconds. So, it'll be a, four, three, two, one lowering and a two second acceleration of the bar. Elbows should be locked slightly, but not completely. The bar should then be re-racked in it's originating position. Making sure that you've centered the bar above your head and that the bar is in it's hold. This has been Bill Victor with Victor Fitness Systems, wishing you a good day.


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