How to Regrow Broken Hair

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Regrowing broken hair only requires the right tools and the knowledge of how to properly utilize them. Regrow broken hair with help from a licensed hair stylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tenisha, and I'm going to speak to you today about how to regrow broken hair. There are a couple of reasons why your hair would break off. One, bleaching. Very harsh on the hair. Two, not cutting your split ends. If you don't cut your split ends, basically it'll go up, it'll break off, it'll look like your hair never grew. Not dying it properly is another reason that your hair can break off. It being dry and brittle. Many, many reasons I can go through of why your hair would break off. But what I'm talking about today is how to grow it back. So couple of things that you can do to grow your hair back so it can look healthy and beautiful like it did when you first started. One of the things that's extremely important is nutrients. Your hair grows from the scalp. It's very important to stimulate your scalp. One of the things you can do to stimulate your scalp is while you're washing your hair in the shower, while you're conditioning, either one, you can your hands in your scalp and massage your scalp. This circulates the blood flow and it basically feeds your hair and helps your hair to grow. You need food to grow, just like that, your hair needs food to grow. So this is something that you can do to stimulate your hair that it can grow. Another thing that's very important when you're growing your hair from being broken off, is to clip your ends. Split ends go up, break off, six to eight weeks, simple clip. Not much hair. Start off about that much hair. That's all you need to cut off to get yourself started. Another very important thing when you're regrowing your hair, is to eat foods that are extremely healthy for you. A lot of greens, a lot of water. A lot of greens and a lot of water and that'll get your hair growing. Don't be afraid to cut your hair while it's growing. Even though it's broken off, very small amount at a time and it will get your hair healthy and growing again. These are a couple of things that you can do to get your hair growing after it breaking off. One of the big things that you want to do, stay away from the harsh chemicals, know your hair, be healthy, live healthy. My name is Tenisha, and I answered your question on how to regrow your hair.


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