How to Dress to Flatter Your Body Type for Men

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Flattering your body type isn't about the clothes that you wear, necessarily, but how you're wearing them. Dress to flatter your body type for men with help from a Los Angeles-based image and fashion consultant in this free video clip.

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Hello, I'm Lori Ann Robinson, and I am an image and fashion consultant. So, today's topic is, how to dress to flatter your body type for men, yes. You guys, you've got an array of body types, so we're going to talk about each one of them a little bot today. And what you can do to dress your best, if this is your body type. First of all, we've got the ectomorph, which is the really thin guy, you're thin shouldered, thin on the waist, thin on the hip. You're just pretty much straight up and down, you're thin, it's hard for you to put on weight and you can't really get muscular. That's just not your body type. So, you want to make sure, whatever you do, is you want to bulk up a little bit with whatever you're going to wear. You're lucky, you get to wear all the fun patterns and you can wear thicker fabrics. And all those big nubby sweaters or tweeds or corduroys. Those are all going to look really terrific on you. So, any time you can bulk up your frame. When you wear things really, really tight and narrow, that's going to make you look really skinny. Now, if that's the look you're going for, you know, that rock star look, then by all means do it. But if you're not looking to look that thin, so you want to add a little bit of bulk. So, you might think about a thicker fabric. Also, wearing jackets will also give you a nice shoulder line and give you that illusion of that inverted triangle. Next, we've got the mesomorph, which is moreover Adonis type of look. You've got a good shoulder on you and your waist is a little bit more on the narrow side, and you hips are in proportion. So, you are the more of that inverted triangle. So, you're that lucky guy, you can wear just about anything and look great. What you want to do is, just you know, really play up that upper half of your body, because you've got the great shoulders. So, you know, why not play them up to look really, really more like that Adonis. So that's a body type that can wear just about anything they want to. Next, we're going to talk about the endomorph, that's someone with a bit of a stockier built. You tend to gain weight easily, and you often can have a sloped shoulder and get really full around the middle, and even in the hip area. So, items to look for would be, vertical lines, again, straight, up and down verticals on your shirts, you know, stripes would be good, thinner stripes. Flat front pants, you don't want to add any extra bulk in your hip, tummy area, you want to do a flat pant, you want to make sure things skim your body. You don't want anything too bulky and heavy, because it's going to make you look stockier. Now, if you have a sloped shoulder, a great fitting jacket is going to be your best friend. Something with a good shoulder line on it. And if you need to add a little pad, a little, extra pad in it, by all means, do so. A tailor can do that to kind of give you a little bit of a squared off look, to help with that sloped shoulder. Those are the three body types that we talked about today, and how to flatter your figure and what to wear. I'm Lori Ann Robinson, thank you for joining.


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