What Muscles Do Squats Work Out?

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Squats are great for working out the muscles in a few key areas of your body. Find out which muscles squats work out with help from a longtime personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Stephany with with Elevate Fitness, and today we're going to talk about what muscles squats work out. Your booty has three different muscles. The maximus being the biggest muscle of them all. And that is actually what helps you whenever you're doing the movement of squatting to bring yourself up. The second muscle that's being used is actually your hamstrings. Now you have three different muscles that are in the hamstrings. You have the biceps femiris that kind of runs on the inside of the thigh. You have the semimembranosus which runs in the middle to the back of the thigh and then you have the semitendinosus which works on the side of the thigh. Now this muscle group also helps in the movement when you are lifting yourself up. Still another muscle that's being used is your quadricep. Now a quadricep, which stands for four muscles, is right here in the front of the thigh. The muscles that are being used during this movement is going to be your vastus medialis, which is your tear drop muscle, as well as your rectus femeris. It goes through the muscle, it goes from the hip down to the knee and your vastus intermedias and your vastus laterus. Which is in the middle and on the outside of the thigh. This is Stephany with Elevate Fitness, and we just talked about what muscles squats work out. Get lifting.


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