How to Style Hair With a High Bun for a Tiara

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When styling hair for a tiara, you're likely going to want to put it up in a high bun. Style hair with a high bun for a tiara with help from an experienced and accomplished hairdresser in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Claire. I'm a Hairdresser, and I'm going to show you how to style your hair with a high bun for a tiara. So, first, I'm going to start, I'm going to use my Mason Pearson brush and I'm going to take our lovely model. First, I'm going to section out her bangs; if you have bangs it's nice to keep something forward so that you have something to frame your face. And I'm going to start gathering her hair using my brush into a high ponytail. You don't have to worry right away about making sure everything stays out of it because you can just pull it out at the end. But, just make sure that it starts getting cleaner, using your brush will help you flatten everything out. Alright. And then, we're going to use an elastic and tie up into your high ponytail. Just wrap it around and when you have a tiara, it takes up a lot of the fullness on the top of your head, so this place right here. And I'm going to take a teasing comb and I'm going to start teasing the back of the hair 'cause we want to create some volume with your tiara. So, just tease lightly; you start from the bottom and work your way up and this is going to get really big and voluminous so that you have enough space with your bun that you can see it and also show off your tiara. And just keep teasing; this part looks a little crazy, but it's great in the end. So, you're going to take all these teased hair and you have a big little bump right there and just start twisting and gently wrapping it around. Just twisting it, make sure you're getting all of your loose ends tucked into your bun. And just kind of place it, you want to look into the mirror and see how it looks with your hair and make sure that it fills the top of your head out nicely so that you can still see it when you have a tiara. And then you're going to start taking bobby pins and gently pinning it down into your hair. You don't want to pin your bobby pins directly into your elastic 'cause you want to keep the volume and space on your head. If you have any flyaways or little pieces that stick up on the end, just use a little bit of hairspray and then you can use a hairpin to just place it in there gently to keep that down. But, don't push it in too far or else it'll put a dent into your bun. Okay. We're almost done here. Then, I like to take some hairspray and just tidy up any of the frizzes. Use your hand just to smooth everything out. Brush it all smooth and you're ready for your tiara. My name is Claire, and this is how to style your hair in a high bun for tiara.


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