What to Carry in a Ladies' Handbag

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Any well-stocked, ladies' handbag is going to have a few key items. Find out what you should be carrying in a ladies handbag with help from a fashion and retail professional in this free video clip.

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I'm Hilary Arthur from Arthuranddaughters.com here in Arthur and Daughters.com Studio to talk to you about all the essential things every woman should carry in her handbag. So that you are never caught unprepared, these are a few of the essential items that you need in your handbag at any given moment. Now of course, number one on our list is always going to be your cell phone. I personally feel naked without my cell phone so that's the number one item that I always put in my bag before leaving the house. The next item that I always like to carry with me even in this digital age are a classic little notebook and pen because you just never know when you might need to jot down a quick idea, write down your information for somebody or make a quick note. I love these moleskin notebooks because it's the perfect size for carrying also a business card. It has this great little pocket in the back that perfectly fits the card inside. It's vital that you never leave the house without your business card whether you are going to the grocery store for just a moment or you are headed to an event, you just never know who you might meet so it's always important to come prepared with a card. Now next we've boiled down makeup essentials to its barest minimum inside of your handbag. So we have ChapStick so that you can ensure no matter what the weather or what you're doing or where you are going your lips are always hydrated. Now next we have a classic red lipstick. So you never want to be without this because you never know when you might be out for the day longer than you planned and you are headed to an unexpected event and you can turn your look from day to evening instantly with classic red lipstick. Now another true essential for all women is to always make sure that in your wallet you have at least $20 in cash. This is vital for any emergency. You never know when you might need to catch a cab at the last moment or you may need some emergency cash. So this is vital to include in your wallet. But these are the essential items that every woman should have to ensure that she's always prepared for any given situation. I'm Hilary Arthur from Arthuranddaugthers.com, and those are the essential things that every woman should carry in her handbag.


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