How to Make an Audio CD From a Video DVD

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Making an audio CD from a video DVD is something you can do with a great utility called Handbrake. Make an audio CD from a video DVD with help from an audio engineer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Tim Trotter, and today I'm going to show you how you can create an audio CD for any DVD you've got at home. Now, in order to do that we're going to need to download a handy dandy little program called HandBreak to your Mac. Let's go to Safari and find out how to get that. So, you've got Safari loaded up here, go ahead and Google search for HandBreak, that's one word, you're going to go ahead and click on this first link here, then once that's loaded up, you're going to hit download and you're going to want to hit the Mac OS10 version and that will go ahead and download to your desktop. Once you've got that loaded up feel free to open up HandBreak, the interface is going to look like this, for our example purposes here we already have a DVD in and it has been scanned in to this DVD ripper program. Now, over here under title we're going to find a list of time frames here for different parts of the movie or DVD that you wish to rip. Generally your movie is going to be one of these longer time periods here, like 3 hours or 2 hours, however for this example we have ripped this 4 minute segment here, go ahead and rip that to the desktop by changing the browse function here and selecting desktop over here and clicking save here. Once it's ripped you'll end up with this file here, on your desktop and in order to get audio from it we're going to need to open it up in QuickTime, once we've gotten it opened here, we're going to go up to file and go to export. Once this screen appears we're going to go down to format here and click on this bar here and we're going to change it to audio only and then we're going to go ahead and hit export here. For our example purposes we've already done this and it's on our desktop, you'll end up with this file here and go ahead and click it and it should automatically open up in to iTunes for you. It will automatically drop in that audio file in library under music and it should be up at the top here, go ahead and select it, go over to file, you're going to want to click new playlist from selection and once it's in a playlist, go ahead and go back up to file and hit burn playlist to disk and then put in your burnable CD and make sure you've hit audio CD up here and click burn. And there you have it a retaliative simple way that you can extract audio from a DVD and make an audio CD to play anywhere else. I hope that helps you. Thanks for watching.


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