Sweet Potato Casserole From a Can With Marshmallows, Butter & Allspice

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Marshmallows, butter and allspice can really come together to help make a delicious sweet potato recipe straight from the can. Make sweet potatoes from the can with marshmallows, butter and allspice with help from the president of Whipped & Beaten Culinary Works in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, I'm Jason Bailin from Whipped and Beaten Culinary Works. I've written two cookbooks, but I can't tell you their names because they're a bit un-pc and some of you may freak out. But, if you have a good sense of humor, Google Whipped and Beaten Culinary Works. But, don't go if you get offended easily because then they may not be for you. Today, we're making sweet potato casserole. Now, everybody always comes to me and ask me, "Jason, how do I update my sweet potato casserole?" That's number one. Number two, they come to me and say, "You know what, I don't want to boil, boil any, any sweet potatoes, I don't want to peel them, I just want to use the can." So, today, we're going to use the can and we're going to update your sweet potato casserole using these ingredients. About a pound of sweet potatoes right from the can and they look right from the can, don't worry, we're going to make these look, these things much, taste much better than they look. Then, what we've got is about four tablespoons of butter, three tablespoons of flour, one egg, a half a can of pineapple tidbits, some maple syrup, three tablespoons of maple syrup, about a tablespoon of fresh ground ginger and then we're going to use some All Spice. And to top it all off, we're going to use these tiny mini marshmallows. Very easy recipe, all you got to do, open the can, get the, about a pound of the sweet potatoes, dump it right in the bowl along with the butter, three tablespoons of your maple syrup and it has to be pure maple syrup. We're going to throw the egg right in there and then the flour. And then, we're going to take our masher, mash it up. You want it to about halfway mix just so they're still watery. We're going to put that tablespoon of ginger in there. Okay. And then about, about a half a tablespoon of All Spice. Okay. Actually, half a teaspoon, sorry, half a teaspoon of All Spice. Okay. Then, we're just going to mash it again until it's all blended together. It smells delicious, it's going to upgrade, update everything. We got the egg all incorporated in there and we're just going to make sure to get everything off. And you don't want to put the pineapple in yet because, or when you're mashing it 'cause you want it to have that consistency, those little chunks 'cause it gives it another sort of flavor profile as well as a consistency profile which is going to be great. So, once it's all mashed together, just like that, throw in the pineapple, about a half a can of these pineapple tidbits and mix it altogether 'till it gets all nice and thick. And we've got our greased baking pan; I'm just going to put it over here like that. Make sure you get everything out. Spread it all around. Spread it all nice. Okay. Here we go. Smooth it. And then we're just going to top it; some people like to cover with marshmallows, I'm just going to sprinkle. We're going to put it then in the oven at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes until it becomes golden brown. And there you have it, a ginger maple sweet potato casserole. I'm Jason Bailin from Whipped and Beaten Culinary Works.


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