Recipes for Roasted Fennel & Mixed Vegetables

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Making roasted fennel and mixed vegetables always requires you to follow a few basic, easy to manage steps. Get recipes for roasted fennel and mixed vegetables with help from Chef Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foody and creator of, in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey everybody, this is Mareya with, and today I want to show you how to make roasted fennel, one of my favorite vegetables with a bunch of other great mixed vegetables. Now this is a really fragrant party side dish or you can eat it as a main dish, and it's super simple to make. I mean, so simple. And what I love about it is, it really just celebrates the taste of the vegetable with just a little bit of olive oil and some simple seasonings. I'm going to show you how to do that. So I've got my fennel here. If you've never had fennel it looks like this. And the whole fennel is just a bulb. And it has the flavor, a little bit of licorice, black licorice, or anise. But a little bit milder and it's got a nice crunch, because we're not going to over cook this. I've also got some carrots, some red potatoes, red onion, and some red beets. So we're going to combine all of those great flavors together. And how I'm going to do that, I'm going to put all my vegetables in a plastic bag. I'm going to do a little shaking it up here. I've got my fennel, and then I'm going to combine everything else and we're going to make the olive oil dressing that will go on here, literally a little vinaigrette, and I'll coat the vegetables and then we'll pop them into the oven and we'll roast them at about 500 degrees. We want to get the oven nice and hot. I've got that preheating already. So I'm just literally going to dump everything in here. Look at that, isn't that so pretty? A nice rainbow of veggies. And then I'm going to make my dressing. So I've got my extra virgin olive oil. I'm going to add, not too much, you really don't need a lot of oil. I would say, and I always do this, by eye. Probably about a quarter of a cup. And then I'm going to add in just a few drops of balsamic and I'll whisk that together. Just cut to the chase and whisk it all. Make a little glaze with that and then I'll add in a little bit more oil, emulsify it with the whisk. Just a little trickle because we don't need a ton. And I like adding the balsamic vinegar in there too, because it gives it just a little hint of sweetness. Okay I've got that whisked. I'm going to add in just a little bit of salt. I like to use a sea salt or a Kosher salt. It's got some good minerals in there for you and lots of black pepper. Now you can also vary the seasonings, you can add in oregano, or maybe fresh rosemary. Anything that's in your garden,a little bit of thyme. I'm just going to make this super simple for today. But feel free to vary it up as you wish. Okay, so I've got my bag, I'm going to pour this in. Just like that. Then I'm going to move the vegetables around so they get well coated. Just like that. This is the best way to do it because everything gets evenly coated and there's no mess. One less thing that you have to wash. Alright.. So I've got them all nice and mixed, and I will pour it onto my roasting pan here. You can also do it in a larger roasting dish. I've got mine all cozy here together. And I like combining all of these different vegetables because you've got the sweet of the beets and the carrots and the more savory of the fennel and the onions. I've got all those and then I'm going to add just a little bit of black pepper to top it off. Just is a great combination and it smells so incredible when it comes out of the oven. You can even eat these, you can even eat it cold, as a side salad. It doesn't have to be hot right out of the oven. Okay so I'm going to stick that in there. We'll come back in about 10 minutes. Okay I've got my mixed roasted vegetables with the fennel and the beets and the carrots and the onion and it smells so good. And it was really, really simple to make. Just a little bit of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, some freshly ground black pepper and some Kosher salt. And the trick here is to roast it until they start to get a little soft, a little caramelized but not so much that the vegetable loses its firmness because you want it still with a little bit of a bite. And look at how delicious this looks. I've got my sweet with the beets and the carrots combined with the savory of the fennel and the onions, all together it's just an amazing symphony of flavors and it looks so pretty on the plate. So enjoy it as a side dish or on its own. This is Mareya with, I hope you enjoy this mixed roasted vegetable dish. See you soon.


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