How to Remove Paint From Furniture Without Sanding

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Just because you want to remove paint from furniture doesn't mean you're going to have to sand. Remove paint from furniture without sanding with help from a master precision craftsman in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Todd Languell, the flying furniture guy. I have a small wood shop in Scotia, New York called R and D Wood Shop. Today I'm going to show you how to remove paint from furniture without sanding. There's a couple different ways that you could do it but we're going to start with a heat gun. One of the most key important parts of using a heat gun on furniture is that you're not trying to be abusive to the furniture, meaning that your scraper, you can use a Finolex scraper, but they sometimes gum up very quickly. I like steel and I like a very dull edge. You don't want sharp corners because what's going to happen is that you're going to soften this wood as we go along. And you can gouge your furniture very, very quickly with a heat gun. Now I like to go sideways to start the edge, and you work yourself right across the surface and it comes off just that easy. What I like to do is I like to go from side to side, going down the edge of my blade in front of me without it smoking. If it's starting to smoke you're going a little too slow. If it's not coming off fast enough you're going to fast. You've got to find that happy medium from slow to fast and not burning it, not smoking it. You can see the smoke coming out the side a little bit. It's that easy, just like that. Anybody can burn furniture, anybody. You're looking to take off the paint without burning it. So we come back, we get a little bit of an extra detail on this edge, and you see how it just flows. And that's what you're looking to find. You're looking for that flow,where it comes right off. Then you kind of balance it back and forth. You're running the heat down the blade and in front and you can see it bubble just slightly prior to it smoking, you're going to give just a tiny bit of a push. And that push is what you need to keep it rolling right on off the edge. You can see there's another whole edge done just that fast. Another key component, you've got to keep this edge clean. If this edge isn't clean it'll gum up. Wait for it, see it start to bubble up slightly and right on down the edge it goes. You kind of just work it right down that edge. You can pull that right on off of there a little bit at a time. If you miss a spot don't worry, you can go back. It's a little heavy, remove your heat source for a second, give it a little scrape and then come back to it. You'll see that it'll come right off. This is Todd Languell, the flying furniture guy and this is how to remove paint from furniture without sanding.


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