Step-by-Step for How to Print Documents From the iPad

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Just because you can't actually connect a printer to your iPad with a USB cable doesn't mean you can't use Apple's tablet to print documents. Get a step-by-step guide for how to print documents from an iPad with help from an Apple retail professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Skylar. To print from your iPad, you are going to have to do a few different things. First of all, get yourself a printer, ideally you want to find one that has AirPrint built in to it, So an HP, Epson or Canon are pretty good bets, so you can get one of them for around 99 bucks, that has AirPrint. Once you got that thing plug it in to your computer and get it set up and what ever means your computer requires, if it's a Mac it should be pretty straight forward, I think PC's are pretty straight forward done too, but I don't have much experience. Once you've done that and assuming that you've got a WIFI network in your home pull out your iPad and tap this button right here, share, from here you've got a few different options, including right here, print, so tap print, select your printer. So this is where you would find out if you'd set your printer up correctly. In this case not AirPrint printer is found, which is funny because I know that we've got a printer in the next room, except I know also that it's not WIFI or not AirPrint, in comes this really sweet application called Handy Print. Handy Print just came out fairly recently and works with IOS4, IOS5 and IOS6 and can turn any Legacy printer in to an AirPrint printer which is awesome. So I would definitely check that out if you have a really sweet printer or an older printer that you want to work with AIrPrint or with your iPad. So, again once you've got your printer set up and if it's not AirPrint get Handy Print, then tap the share button, tap print, select your printer and then you can determine how many copies, certain applications allow you to do duplex printing as well as coalition, so if you were to print from pages or something like that you would see a slightly different printer view. I'll show you, so we go over to pages and tap the wrench in this case, share and print, print, you can say print a certain range, pretty useful stuff. I'm Skylar. Thanks for watching.


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