Decorative Ideas for a Pumpkin to Look Like a Spider

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Decorating a pumpkin to look like a spider is a great way to spread a little holiday cheer (or holiday fear, if you prefer). Get decorative ideas for a pumpkin to look like a spider with help from a specialist in family entertainment in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Terina Gillette, and I'm a professional event coordinator, and today we're going to talk about how to make a pumpkin look like a spider. The materials that you're going to need for this project are a pumpkin, some chenille stems or called pipe cleaners, also some little pompom balls, wobbly eyes, a bamboo skewer and some glue. The first thing that we need to do is get our pumpkin situated and figure out where we want to place our eyes, we're going to take wobble eyes and we're going to put an ample amount of glue on to the eye and we're going to place it where we want it to be and we're just going to continue this with all four, you can stop a two if you only want to have two, but I want to have four eyes on my spider, keep gluing till we have them all in place. If this is going to be an outside spider, then you do to probably want to use hot glue like I'm using, you would want to use a craft glue to keep them in place. And then at this point if you want to add a mouth on to your spider like our example has a mouth drawn on to it with a marker, you can do that or with paint or you can just leave it without a mouth on it. Then we're going to take our bamboo skewer and we're going to poke holes in to our pumpkin and this is going to be to place pour legs and you're going to do this on each side and then we're going to take our chenille stems and we've just glued our pompom balls in three to make little feet at the end. The we're just simply going to tuck them in to the holes that we just made and you don't have to stick them out very far down in to the pumpkin because that way when the wind blows, it'll make it look like it's crawling and wobbling around in the yard. And you just want to continue this on the other side and that's how you make a spider out of a pumpkin.


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