Recipe for Shrimp Crab Cakes

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You simply haven't lived until you've had some out of this world shrimp crab cakes. Get a recipe for shrimp crab cakes with help from a seafood chef and expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Rich Vellante, and I'm the executive chef at Legal Sea Foods, and today we are making shrimp and crab meat crab cakes. And I have all these ingredients here and I wanted to show you exactly what the process and the technique is to make this. First things first I'll add some of the mixture. And what I did was equal parts of mustard and mayonnaise. I also made a béchamel, and a béchamel very easy to make. It's a roux with some milk and a little bit of nutmeg in it. And what that does is it provides some creaminess to these cakes. And so when the cakes start to heat up and melt, it brings that creaminess very much like a lasagna. When you eat lasagna, it's creamy, so that's what that provides. Old Bay seasoning. Old Bay has a tremendous amount of flavor in it. It goes, it marries well with crab cakes obviously. I'm going to add one egg. And then I'm also going to mix this up. I want to add to this a few dashes of Tabasco. You can use any hot sauce that you like. So as I incorporate these the next step and what I want to do is add in some of the crab meat. Some of the Panko crumbs and some of the shrimp. But before I do that I just want to marry all of these ingredients together. Some of you can use a whisk it might be easier for you to do that. This is just raw shrimp, putting that in. Some of the crab meat. You can use back fin, you can use lump crab meat. Whatever you choose in the supermarket. This is Maryland blue crab. Some people can use Dungeness crab. People in New England can use Jonah crab or peekytoe crab, whatever works best for you. I also want to put in some lemon zest. And with the lemon zest you want to make sure you only get the outside of it, not the pith. Not the white, the white brings a bitterness to the dish so. The lemon gives it a nice punch as well. So as I am mixing this you want to add in Panko crumbs. Panko is a Japanese style breadcrumb, very versatile. It really gives a nice crispiness to the cakes as well. And this will bind things together. Now it's important when you are making this that you don't get intimidated by it seeming too loose. Because like anything that crumb takes some time to absorb all the moisture so don't add too many crumbs. It should be a little bit moist. And as it sits it will definitely begin to adhere. So what I'm doing, if you've noticed, I'm being gentle with this. I don't want to beak up the crab meat but I also want to form the crab cakes. And to form them in your hand you are essentially just making a puck. I'm very gentle with it. Little press down and a little form. So what we'll do is we'll sear these up and then finish them in the oven. I'm grabbing a few out of the oven that I've already prepared. As you can see they've browned up nicely. And I've made a watercress salad and a chipotle aioli. You can add any kind of flavoring that you'd like. You can add corn salsa. You can do a different style of aioli. But these came out nice. They are creamy. They are nicely browned. They make for great appetizer or a nice lighter evening meal. And there you have it. You have the shrimp and crab crab cake.


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