How to Play a Harmonica by Numbers

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Playing a harmonica by the numbers is a great way to get more acquainted with your new instrument. Play a harmonica by numbers with help from a guitar teacher and music instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Glenn Weiser and my website is I'm a private music instructor on harmonica and several other instruments and I offer webcam lessons. Now today's topic is going to be how to play harmonica by numbers. If you look at the top of the harmonica you'll see stamped on the reed plate cover numbers one through ten. These are the holes of the harmonica. However, each one of the holes of the harmonica has two notes available depending on whether you're inhaling or exhaling. So for example if we were going to play an out note on four we would call that four B, for four blow. If we were going to play a draw note, we would call it four D, which would be four draw. Now we're going to play a very simple song going by numbers, called Hot Cross Buns. This also happens to be the oldest known advertising jingle. It was a peddler's cry in London in the 1700s. Now it's going to consist of four phrases. The first phrase is going to repeat. The first phrase consists of five blow, four draw, and then four blow. Five blow, and four draw will be held for two beats, four blow will be held for four beats. It's going to sound like this. That phrase will repeat once again. Five blow, four draw, four blow. The next phrase consists of four quarter notes or four one beat notes on four blow, followed by four one beat notes on four draw. And the last phrase is just a repetition of the first phrase, the opening phrase. Five blow, four draw, four blow. Here's the song all the way through. I'm Glenn Weiser. My websites And visit my website and check out the information on my webcam on harmonica lessons. Thank you.


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