How Do You Make Switches Work in Minecraft?

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Switches in the game Minecraft are designed to work in a very particular way. Learn how to make switches work in Minecraft with help from a devoted tech power user, gamer and gaming fan in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

In this video, we're going to go over five different types of switches: levers, buttons, pressure plates, detector rails and tripwire hooks and we're going to show you how to make them all work. A lever is a switch which has an on and off position. It stays in one position except when it's been toggled by a player. Levers can be placed on any block face. To craft a lever, you'll need a stick and a piece of cobblestone. Levers are great switches because of their stable nature. A lever is either off or on. It can never be both. Mobs can never change a lever's position, .9 seconds after a button has been activated it resets back to the off position. Buttons are made from either stone or wooden planks. Stone buttons must be activated by hand but a wooden button can be activated by hand or arrow. Buttons are aesthetically pleasing as they camouflage to whatever surface they are attached. Pressure plates can only be placed on top of other blocks. They are created from placing two stone or wooden planks adjacent to each other, either a player or a mob standing directly on the plate can activate pressure plates. It is impossible to jump over a plate to avoid triggering it. Wooden pressure plates can be activated by mine carts, fishing rods, arrows and dropped items. Players can make songs using pressure plates and note blocks to play a note. Detector rails are the wooden pressure plates designed for mine carts. Building ingredients for a package of six detector rails are as follows: six iron ingots flanking both sides, a stone pressure plate in the center and a red stone dust just below that. Detector rails will provide power to any adjacent blocks once they are triggered. Trip wire hooks allow you to set string activated traps. Walking through a tripwire without holding shears will send out a small electrical pulse similar to a pulse from a lever. This pulse is capable of activating any receivers such as TNT or a red stone lamp. To craft tripwires, you'll need to stack a wooden plank, a stick and an iron ingot on top of each other. Tripwire hooks can be placed up to 40 blocks apart. Make sure the placement is in a straight line and that you are not attempting to place a tripwire that will hang through the air. That means the ground will need to be filled in along the path of the tripwire for it to take effect.


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