How to Recover Disappearing Facebook Message Drafts

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Recovering a disappearing Facebook message is something you can do from your main "Messages" screen. Recover disappearing Facebook message drafts with help from a director and producer of media content in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everyone. My name is Anders, and today we're going to talk about disappearing message drafts in Facebook and then move onto discuss saving drafts in your notes on Facebook. So, there have been a couple of questions regarding the recovery of disappearing Facebook message drafts. Now, when you're typing a message to someone in Facebook, you would expect there to be the ability to save a draft in Facebook, just like you might a normal email address. Well, unfortunately, you don't have the ability to do that. We can actually just take a look at our messages right here and then go to new message and then that's going to open up a new dialog and ask us who it's going to be going to and who the message going to. There is no way to officially save a draft because Facebook does not expect to be writing something that long. I would recommend if you would like to save a draft, that you could either copy and paste this message that you're typing, if you want to save it for later into a Word document or text document on your computer. You could email it to yourself or you actually, if you want to keep everything contained in Facebook, you could save it in a note on Facebook, save that as a draft and then, copy and paste that back into message that you're writing later so that you can pick up where you left off. So, we can start a new message, it can just be like, "Dear Patrick. There once was a dog who," and you know, they're really don't need to write anything; "Love, Anders." Okay. So, now, we're not completely finish with this because I'm still trying to come up with what this dog did or who he was. I'm just going to copy all this by either hitting command A, if I'm on a Mac or control A if I'm in Windows or just clicking a number of times and dragging a box across all our text and I can copy it. Now, I'm going to cancel this message. It's okay because I have it copied. So, you can cancel the message and you can leave without sending. Then, we're going to go and we can either scroll that down here or actually, the easiest way to find it is just by typing in notes in the search box at the top of the page. Then, you're going to find the My Notes application or it'll automatically just pop up, but you're going to the Notes application. So, now, everyone's notes are going to pop up, all of your friends, all of yours, et cetera and you can click on write under note, right here. So, we're waiting for that to load and then you actually can just paste the body of your note you're writing, in this case, my note to Patrick; I can paste right in the body of this note here. Then, I can just click "save draft." So, I'm just click that. Now, one thing you do need to remember is to title the note. Then, I can click save draft and now, within your notes dialog, you can find your drafts. My name is Anders and today, we talked about saving a message draft in Facebook.


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