How to Add Lipstick & Plump Lips in Photoshop

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Adding lipstick and plump lips to a photo will make use of a few basic tools available in Adobe Photoshop. Add lipstick and plump lips in Photoshop with help from a computer professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, what's up? My name is Chase, and today I'm going to teach you how to add lipstick color to some lips, and also how to plump lips in Photoshop. I already have a document opened. It's just a normal beauty shot, and what I'm going to do is zoom in on the lips, and then I'm going to make a selection of just the lips, and we're going to keep it as tight as possible, just to make sure that we keep all the color inside of the lips. I'm using the polygon lasso tool. There are a couple other lasso tools you could use. There is just normal lasso tool. There is a magnetic lasso. You can also use the wand tool, which allows you to select similar pixel colors. Today, I'm just going to use the polygon lasso tool. It's fairly simple to use, and I'm just going to go around the outside of the lips, making sure to get all of the color, and then once I finish making the selection, we're going to smooth it out a little bit so if it looks a little jaggedy right now, it's alright, we don't have to really worry about that. Now that I've got the selection I'm going to go to "select, modify and then smooth." I'm going to add a one pixel smooth radius. It's just going to smooth out the outside of my selection just a little bit, and then I'm also going to go back to "select, modify and then feather," and what that's going to do is it's also going to give us just a nice gradient once we fill in the color so it's not too harsh of a line, and I'm only going to do a two pixel radius. Now that we've got the selection made we're going to click on the "hue and saturation adjustment layer," which is going to make a mask of the lips. You can see that the mask is down here in this little black box with the little white check being the lips that we selected and then just to change the color of the lips, we're just going to drag the hue back and forth like so to select whatever color we'd like. I'm just going to go for just a little less pink, who knows, maybe even more red, that's cool. Let's see, pump up the saturation a little bit, let's zoom out and see what that looks like. So those are our lips right now. We can turn on and off the layer. You can see that the lips are changing a little color, a little more brighter, a little more orange in it. And now to plump the lips, first we're going to flatten our image by going to "layer, flatten image." Using the marquee tool we're going to make a selection of just the lips and then after that we're going to click on "filter and then liquify." This is going to load just the selection of our lips, which helps with load time, it doesn't take as long to load when we've narrowed down the selection. Now we're going to use the bloat tool and zooming in on our selection, we're going to lower the size of our brush by clicking the back bracket and we're just slowly going to click over the lips. You can see that they are bulging just a little bit. You don't want to go crazy or it's going to look like someone had a little too much plastic surgery and then we're going to hit "okay, deselect and zoom out." Here's our final image, and that's how you plump lips and add color to them in Photoshop. Thanks.


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