How Should a Snowboard Glove Fit?

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Snowboard gloves aren't necessarily going to fit the way a regular pair of gloves would. Find out how a snowboard glove should fit with help from a snowboarding professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Aaron from Eastern Boarder, and today we're going to be talking about fitting and choosing a glove or mitten for snowboarding. So when you walk into a snowboard shop you're going to notice there's a lot of options available for you. There's mittens or gloves. There's different thicknesses and different waterproof ratings. So you have to determine when you'll be using the glove or the mitten and how often and that will help you to choose the model of glove or mitten that you want. After you choose that then you have to think about sizing the product. You basically want to take them off the rack and start putting them on. You need to have a glove that's going to go on easily. You want it to fit fairly snug. You definitely don't want it to be too small. You want be able to get your hand in it but you also don't really want it to be too big. You lose all your dexterity and you'll allow too much air into the glove and it won't really keep you warm. This would be a really good example of something that's too big for somebody. So you're going to try some different styles and options on and find something that again like I said fits snug. You can see there that my fingers are pretty much at the end of the glove. I still have good range of motion. It's not so tight that I can't move. I still have good dexterity. That would be what most people would consider a perfect fit. Ultimately as long as you are comfortable, that's going to work well for you. Same thing when fitting a mitten. These by nature are a little bit looser but again if you have too much room in there, your hands are going to get cold. So if it's a snug fit, fingers more or less to the end of the product, that will keep you nice and toasty out on the trails.


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