The Proper Way to Wear Multiple Lapel Pins

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Wearing multiple lapel pins isn't something you can just do in any old way you'd like. Find out about the proper way to wear multiple lapel pins with help from a professional fashion stylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

How's it going, ladies and gentleman? It's Brian Swan, Right Hand Man Image Consulting. I'm here to go over a great topic with you at Nick's Menswear involving men's fashion, and is particularly going to be about lapel pins. You may have seen these around on different political figures, or maybe even some of your friends that like vintage items. This is something I wanted to discuss with you, how many can you wear, what's too much and how you can make it look great. So when considering wearing lapel pins, there are a couple things you wanna keep in mind. Number one, why you're wearing the lapel pin. You may see political figures wearing it with the USA flag, or possibly the state they represent. Also, if you see a friend of yours out, you may also see that they're wearing something with like a peace sign, or possibly like a number of years they've been in a business doing whatever they're doing. These are for things that representations of yourself. So be very mindful of that when you're putting it on, because someone's gonna ask you about it. It's a great conversation piece. The other part is not wearing too many. You don't wanna look like a pin cushion when you're having these pins on you, so you wanna be very careful to place, maybe just about two, like you have here on the display. Keep in mind those simple tips when it comes to wearing lapel pins and you'll be on your way to looking great with your suit. I'll talk to you soon. Again, it's Brian Swan of Right Hand Man Image Consulting, her at Nick's Menswear in Chandler, Arizona, until next time, we'll see you soon.


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