How to Knit Fringes on a Scarf

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Knitting fringes on a scarf is easy, so long as you know a few key tips and tricks. Find out how to knit fringes on a scarf with help from the owner of a specialty yarn store in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Kamille Bauer, and today I'm going to show you how to knit fringes on a scarf. First thing you want to do is measure your fringes, and this is a trick I like to use. You can get a DVD case, a book, whatever you like, and you're going to wrap it around however many times you want a fringe. So then, you ignore the one side and you cut and what's nice about a book binding is you've got that little drop is you go and cut the top of your book. Now you have all your lengths the same for your fringe and now we're ready to apply the fringe onto our scarf. And again, this is how to knit fringes on a scarf and me, I like to, depending on the chunkiness of my scarf, because this scarf I'm using as an example is pretty chunky, I'm going to hold two of my fringe strands together and then getting a crochet hook, you're going to stick in the bottom of your work and you're going to grab the fringe by the middle and you're going to pull it up and on your needle from the middle. So now you've got a hole right here, you can go and grab and tighten and there you have a fringe. And you can even, I really like to give it a double knot so then you can go and give your fringe an extra knot if you prefer. So there's one fringe and real quickly again, you get your fringe, you hold it by the middle, you stick your crochet hook near the end of your scarf. All you're going to do is then pull it through and up so you have a big hole, pull your tail through the hole, give it a tight pull. You can stop there or you can go to the extra knot. I think it gives a little bit more of a finished look and we're going to quickly do that and so, there it is, how to knit fringes on a scarf. Happy knitting.


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