Bringing Up Weaknesses in a Job Interview

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Bringing up weaknesses during a job interview may be uncomfortable, but it can actually be helpful. Learn more about bringing up weaknesses in a job interview with help from an innovative empowerment speaker and human resources professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Charles Galbreath, workforce empowerment speaker and human resource professional. Today, I'm going to share some tips with you for how to bring up weaknesses during a job interview. Those of you who are conducting interviews will know that this is a very uncomfortable portion of the interview that you will be conducting. No one wants to share or showcase their weaknesses but the reality is that the only way that you'll get the balance perspective of the candidates is that you know their strengths but also know potential weaknesses. So one way that you can approach this difficult question is for you to first showcase some of your professional weaknesses that you bring to the table. Sometimes you may have communication barriers or sometimes you may be easily distracted or overwhelmed by work. And so these are some safe things that you can bring up as weakness that you are working on to disarm that individual so that they can share with you some professional weaknesses. Something else that you want to remember is that you may showcase some of their strengths that they've shared with you. So if a person has told you that they're a good team player or a person has shared with you that they're very created or they're very dedicated. Those are things that you may want to remember and share with them, that I heard that you were creative, I heard you say that you are a team player. But now share with me something that may be a difficulty for you or a weakness that you might have. The last thing for you to do is for you to pad the question with some type of a statement that reminds this person that it is completely safe for them to share their weakness with you. Something that states something similar to, I know that this is a difficult question to ask or, I know that sometimes we don't want to share our weaknesses but in order for me to fully know who you are and who I would be working with could you share with me...then you could follow with the question of, could you share your weaknesses. So again if we remember that weaknesses also help us see the balance in the individual it wont be such a scary question, it'll be actually a very productive question. Good luck in your interview and have an incredible day.


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