How to Keep Your Name Out Front for a Job

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Keeping your name out front for a job relies in large part on your general sense of professionalism. Keep your name out front for a job with help from an innovative empowerment speaker and human resources professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Professionalism and excellence can get you through various doors that have been locked for other people. I'm Charles Galbreath, and I'm an empowerment speaker and human resource professional. Today, I'm going to share with you some tips for how to keep your name out in front for a job that you are going for. As I shared with you professionalism is extremely important when applying for a job. Many times you and the other candidates are neck and neck when it comes to experience. When it comes to education. And when it comes to the skills that sometimes you've even presented within your interview. And so what can take you up a notch is your professional approach. Some things that you want to remember within professionalism would be of course having a firm handshake. Taking names and utilizing those names when you greet the individuals who are interviewing you. And as you leave. Something else that you do not want to underestimate is sending a followup letter. A followup letter can be a very professional approach that can keep you out front. Something else that I shared with you is excellence. Excellence is extremely important. So understanding some of the ways that jobs that you've had in the past have prepared you for the present job that you are going for and being able to articulate those skills. Something else that goes along with excellence is being a part of professional organizations. That can raise the bar for you as an individual who is interviewing for a position. If you stand out and go the extra mile and participate in some of these extra curricular activities such as professional organizations, you acquire new skills. But also it makes you more polished on your resume. So these are just some of the few things that you can do to make you stand out. Also one thing you want to never forget is that smile. A great attitude will take you a long way. Thanks and have a wonderful day.


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