Why Is the Cost of Car Insurance for Boys Higher Than for Girls?

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The cost of car insurance for boys is higher than it is for girls for a number of different reasons. Find out why the cost of car insurance for boys is higher than it is for girls with help from an independent insurance agent and small business owner in this free video clip.

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Hi, this is Melissa Morley with All Seasons Insurance. Today, we're gonna talk about, why is the cost of car insurance higher for boys than it is for girls? This conversation I've had quite a bit with new drivers parents, and the answer for it is that the car insurance companies rate their insurance based upon who has cost them the most losses. Boy drivers fresh out of driver's education behind the wheel, tend to be rather hasty. They have lead foots, and they get tickets, and they get into accidents traditionally more than the girls have. So the auto insurance companies rate boy drivers on a whole different level than they rate girl drivers. This statistic has been starting to trend toward more of a balanced unfortunately, with the advent of smart phones and texting. Girls may not have a lead foot as a point of nature, but they love to talk. And texting and talking is a point that almost every major insurance company and safety boards will tell you is a really bad thing to do, whether it's a boy or a girl. So, when insuring a young boy, be aware that it's like taking several young boys all that same age and putting them behind the wheel and rating them compared to what one another is doing. And that is why the cost of insuring young men is higher than the cost of insuring girls. It may seem unfair, but some things that you can do to defray the cost, make sure that your son carries a 3.0 or greater. Consider having him share a car, rather than being the principle driver on one. And have him drive a car that doesn't have comp or collision, just liability only, if you're comfortable with that. And you can save quite a bit of money. Good luck on your boy driver. This is Melissa Morley with All Seasons Insurance. Today, we talked about why it costs more to insure boys than girls. Thanks.


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