Balance Exercises for Bicyclists

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Balance is very important, but it is especially so if you're a serious bicyclist. Find out about balance exercises for bicyclists with help from a strength and conditioning coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Steven Benedict. I'm a strength conditioning coach and performance enhancement specialist. So today, I'm going to be talking about some drills that you can use for improving your balance for cyclists. So, as you know for a cyclist you need to balance on both sides of the bike so we're going to do a couple of exercises that are going to really help out your ankle joints, your knee joints, and your hip stabilization. So let's get right into it. The first one we're going to do is three point knee drive. We're going to come up, standing up nice and tall. Nice and tight in the abdomen. You need to come up, bring the knee up, and then you extend back. Bring the knee back to the flex position and then extend out to the hip. Back, here. Okay and you can do these both sides. You want to train both sides of your body so that you can keep an equal balance on both sides. The rep scheme here, mostly for timed reps, anywhere from thirty second reps. As you get more conditioned you can go up to forty, forty five seconds. The next one that we're going to go into is a single leg dead lift. So you're going to start on one foot, nice and stable. You want to pick a position in the floor right in front of you. You want to look up. Most people look in the mirror and the mirror reflection flows them off balance. So pick a nice spot in the floor, reach down, keep your back nice and flexed and flat. Drive up, squeeze the gluts at the top, and nice and tight in the mid section. Go through about five reps of these. And that's your single leg dead lift. And lastly, we're going to go through some cycling, some claw-throughs, as I call it. Basically, you're going to go through the knee flexor again, and then you're going to claw through like you're peddling on your stroke on a bike. And here, reach, pedal, reach, pedal, pedal, pedal,pedal. Good, and that's you're claw through and those are three basic exercises and balance routines that you can add in for you cyclist to help you with balance on both sides of the bike, helping you strengthen up those hill climbs and even your sprints. So follow me at or at twitter benedict_steven and remember the best results you can get is to train like an athlete, train with an athlete.


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