Exercises to Help the Elderly to Stand & Transfer

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Standing and transferring are two very important abilities that elderly people should work on. Find out about exercises to help the elderly stand and transfer with help from a master trainer and fitness instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Andre Farnell, of Betterbodyexpert.com, and I'm going to be talking to you today about the exercises that help us stand and transfer. I'll be working from both the elderly individual as well as the person who is the assistant so you'll get exercises that will help in both positions. So musculature that is very important for the elderly is the musculature of the back and the spine. So what we want to do is to be able to get that person to be able to sit up on their own and in order to do so what I like to do is called sitting back and then rocking all the way up, strengthening the core and the obliques. So using a nice and sturdy piece of equipment such as a body bar or a cane, you can take that person from a slouched position to a stand, performing this in sets of ten repetitions, from down in a seated position to up, strengthening the core, the back and the abs. Second exercise would be to place the bar in front of them or closely in front of them, allowing them to do a modified squat and that is just to get up from one position to a standing position. This will be able to aid that person in standing so it's strengthening the quadriceps, the mid section and utilizing this bar or this sturdy cane in some cases will give them the ability to go from a seated to a standing position which is very important when transferring from surface to, from one sitting surface to another. One thing to note is that the seat height is very important, so place them in seat heights that are higher than 90 degrees in their knees so they'll be able to transfer easily. This way their bottom is not lower than their knee height and it's easier to transfer. So to practice standing with assistance will be very beneficial for the elderly. So there are two exercises that are excellent for a caregiver or an assistant to master when moving an elderly person from one surface to the other and those two exercises are the good morning as well as a pivotal lunge. We'll start with the good morning, you'll take a weighted bar, place it on the back of your shoulders and leaning forward as far as you can go and stand it back up. This strengthens the muscles of the lower back, stretches the hamstrings and prepares the muscles that are needed to help that person shift and move from one surface to the other. That's a good morning and for the second exercise, the pivotal lunge, what would be very good to do in the pivotal lunge is because there is a twisting motion so you'd want to twist, go down into a lunge, touch the ground here, stretching out the shoulders and the back and then taking it over to the opposite side. So it's up and over and over and what that does is prepare your core for twisting motions while moving someone or while assisting someone to stand and transfer from one surface to another. Hello, this has been Andre Farnell, Fitness Mindset Coach and master trainer at Betterbodyexpert.com.


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