Beginner Lifting Exercises for Men Over 60

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Just because you're getting older doesn't mean you can't start lifting. Learn about beginner lifting exercises for men over 60 with help from a master trainer and fitness instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Andre Farnell, Fitness Mindset Coach and master trainer at, and today I'm going to be discussing with you beginner lifting exercises for men over 60. My favorite exercise is a total body exercise that takes into account a little bit of weight which will be in the form of a medicine ball into functional movement and that's an excellent warm-up. We'll start with a squat all the way up to a press. So squat, elbows out and press, sit back and press, down and press. So that would be the first warm-up exercise because what it does is it lubricates the joints, gives you strength throughout the core and works into the shoulders. Now it's a very good exercise to do because our first lifting exercise is going to incorporate a squat as well. But we're going to do a variation on a squat called the goblet squat and the reason why I chose a goblet squat is because it's a free weight exercise that you can do just about anywhere. So, I'll turn to the side for this one. Feet shoulder width apart. I'm going to have the load which is the weight in front of you here and sit down into a squat. You can go really deep and stand because you have a counter balance in front of you. So take it down and up, go down as far as you feel comfortable while you can still maintain your shoulders being back. So, the third exercise, major exercise that I would recommend is a bent over row, one arm, bent over row. What this exercise does is it strengthens the core, strengthens the major muscles in the back and also strengthens the muscles of the rear delt which tend to get weaker as we age. So we're going to pull first with the back and down. Notice that my arm is straight because I don't want you doing this. This is what many people do. To get the most bang out of this exercise you've got to pull with the back first then follow through with the elbow. So, you're going to pull first, back, elbow up, pull. And pull. Then you switch to the other side. Switching to the other side, so a good rule of thumb is about eight to twelve repetitions of all these exercises and do them three times to start and work your way up to six. The next exercise is going to be a lying chest press. So, you're going to grab both weights, place them here to start, it's the safest way to do so, leaning back, lean all the way back and place your arms out at 90 degrees each. So it's going to look like football goalposts, press up, squeeze and down. And press and down, press and down, press and that is a basic chest press. So, those work the major muscles of your body. So we did the squats, then we did the bent over row for the back and the core and then we finished off with the chest. I'm Andre Farnell, Fitness Mindset Coach and master trainer at


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