How to Make Documents to Scale in Illustrator

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Making documents to scale in Illustrator is something you can do in a few different ways depending largely on your preferences. Find out how to make documents to scale in Illustrator with help from a well-versed web, graphic and illustrative designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Alex Cecilio and I'm going to show you how to make documents to scale in Illustrator. So, suppose you want to print your document but it's kind of small. So, my window right now is actually, I think it's at 800 by 600 or possibly a little bit bigger. But, if I were to print this, it's not going to look like that. So, if you went to file and print, you'll get this window and this is when you're going to want to start messing around with these details. So, if you're really interested in, you know, not scaling it, then you can just click do not scale. But, if you fit it to page, it'll automatically resize it and because Illustrator's a vector program, it's not going to mess with the graphics. It's going to actually be really fluid and look good. Or you can also custom scale it and if you're really good with custom scaling, you know, that's perfect. You can tile it, which means it'll, either it'll, it can print out on multiple documents and it can also multiply onto, onto multiple documents. But, I don't really recommend 'cause it's kind of tricky. But, you can also do it, like depending on what page you're, what kind of paper you're using, you're going to definitely want to do this 'cause you know, you've got tabloid paper and then, you know, a standard paper, etcetera. So, once you figure all that out, click your printer and click print or you can click done and then it'll print for you to scale. My name is Alex and this is how you scale documents in Illustrator. Thank you.


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