How to Be More Assertive at Your Job

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Being more assertive at your job is a great way to become more effective in general. Be more assertive at your job with help from a public relations and human resources professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Darryle Brown, I'm from, and today we will discuss how to become more assertive at work. Becoming more assertive at work can be a challenge for some people, especially those that are introverted by nature. Here are some tips to help you to become more effective in asserting yourself at work. Tip number one. The most important thing in becoming assertive is in your ability to communicate. In this particular tip, what's important when you have a situation that you need to address, it's important to look at four elements of effectively communicating and addressing the situation. And number one, this is describe what happened. Let's say a person was late for work, and it disrupted the functionality of a particular project you were working with them on. It's important to express, number two, your thoughts and feelings about that situation. Because you were late, it caused the project to be delayed, and it caused a disruption in the process. In looking at specifying what you want, which is the third aspect, is that if you're going to be late, this particular employee that you're addressing, could you please call and let us know ahead of time, so that we can move forward the schedule, or prevent any disruption in the process, which that just talks about describing the consequences. Because that person was late, it disrupted the process, and if they had communicated, you would have been able to adjust to continue the process without having to expect them to be there at that specific time. And it could make a huge difference if you communicate your thoughts, because some people, they might not be aware that there's an issue unless you bring it their way, and if you're not assertive, it does not help build that teamwork, and also establish what the expectations are of other people who may be falling short. And while you're having that discussion, it's important that the next tip is to use open and secure body language. Because you want your body language to match your intent. If you have an angry face, and you're just looking at them in a manner in which causes discomfort, your message might not come across effectively. So have open, relaxed movements, and focus when you're talking to them, so that they feel comfortable enough to hear what you have to say. And being able to assert yourself is really important, especially when you're looking to build teamwork, and also establish good moral and good rapport. So it's very important to keep those areas in mind, and they will help you, especially if you're more introverted, to become more successful at really interacting in the team and getting your message and your voice heard. I'm Darryle Brown, from, and these are tips on how to become more assertive at work. Thanks for watching.


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