Fun Things to Help Motivate Coworkers at Work

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A motivated and happy employee is a productive employee. Learn about fun things you can do to help motivate co-workers at work with help from a public relations and human resources professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Darryle Brown, from, and today we will discuss fun things to motivate coworkers at work. The working environment can actually be a fun and rewarding experience, contrary to popular belief. And these are some tips that you can keep in mind to help to make your environment with your coworkers much more fun and rewarding. Tip number one, create a positive environment, and what I mean by that is, is that if you want a positive and fun environment, you have to be a part of that, having a positive attitude, a positive focus towards your work, and also a good positive relationship with your coworkers. No one likes to be around negative people. So a negative person and a negative, creates a negative environment, just as much as a positive person creates a positive environment. So, in looking in the area in which we want to make our working environment fun, it needs to be positive. Tip number two, show initiative at being helpful. I believe what's really helps to foster great morale and really helps you to foster great teamwork, is the coworkers willingness to want to help each other without being prompted to do so. if you're more than willing to help someone, it would definitely go a long way in enabling them to really want to interact with you more and vice-versa. Tip number three, be quick to praise and encourage your coworkers. When they do great things, definitely encourage them and give them the praise to also enable to morale, for morale to increase. Those things are very vital in our efforts to set the stage for a more fun environment. Give people praise when it's relevant, when it's timely, because you can never get too much praise, especially when it's sincere from your coworkers, as well as your boss. It makes a difference, and many of us know when we receive praise, it feels great. And when your coworkers feel great, they're more motivated, focused and they want to do more. Tip number four, do a non work-related activity, either at lunch or after hours. If we want to establish better relationships, and create a fun atmosphere within the workplace, it's, doing a type of fun activity together outside would help not only bond you professionally, but also socially. And doing those types of activity where you can really let your hair down and really enjoy the company of the people on your job socially in an environment where it's not restrictive, it really makes the difference on how it carries over into the workplace, making your workplace much more fun, much more easier to promote a positive work environment, and it definitely goes a long way, especially during those Monday morning moments when a lot of us dread going to work. I'm Darryle Brown, from, and today we discussed how to have a fun environment with your coworkers at work. Thank you for watching.


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