How to Deal With Prejudice at Work

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Prejudice is one of the many things that has no business being in the workplace. Deal with prejudice at work with help from a public relations and human resources professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Darryle Brown from and today we will discuss how to deal with prejudice at work. Prejudice is defined as making predetermined judgments based on faulty knowledge, a lack of knowledge, or a variety of other factors based on ones opinion of a particular person, subject matter, or a thing. What's really important to understand about prejudice, especially in the workplace, is that it can have potential harmful impact upon the workplace as a team, amongst individuals, and creates a level of disharmony that can really have the type of negative impact that is not needed in the workplace. Here are some tips to help you to address prejudice within your workplace. Tip # 1. Recognize it as unacceptable. What's really important to understand when thinking about prejudice in the workplace is that it is not something that, in the workplace, that really helps to enable the workplace to function effectively. It has potential disastrous impacts as far as the overall harmony of the people on the job. It can create a level of undo stress amongst people, especially those directly affected by it. And also the individual that's committing the offense, it can be very problematic for them as well. Especially if there's a potential of escalation to take place with the workplace. Tip # 2. If possible, bring it to the attention of the offender so they can correct behavior. What is ideal about that is that it gives you an opportunity to deal with it at the lowest possible level. There are some people based on cultural backgrounds, maybe a lack of knowledge, or maybe perhaps they were not made aware of the sensitivity of that particular behavior. And if you brought it to their attention it may give them that opportunity to correct it so that they are aware of the impacts that they're having on other people. Sometimes having it at the lowest possible level is the best approached in enabling it to be diffused. Tip # 3. If needed you may need to bring it to the attention of a supervisor and ask them for guidance on what to do to address the situation. Sometimes a supervisor will encourage peer to peer to work out the situations before they get involved. And if that is the case and you're able to address the situation in that fashion, it's ideal, but if not and it needs to be at a manner in which it might need to be taken outside of the office, you may want to consider human resources or the equal opportunity office to help to address the situation more effectively. I'm Darryle Brown from and we discussed how to deal with prejudice in the workplace. Thank you for watching.


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