How to Reconstruct a T-Shirt

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Reconstructing a t-shirt requires the right tools and a little bit of good, old-fashioned know how. Reconstruct a t-shirt with help from a fashion professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Brandhyze Stanley with Frugal-nomics, here at Grey Era Vintage in New York City, showing you how to reconstruct a T-shirt. Tools you’ll need are really simple. All you need is your favorite T-shirt, which we all have plenty of those laying around, and a pair of scissors. So, first you’ll cut off one of the arms of your shirt, being sure to be careful when cutting. You can always, you know, go back later if you’d like to do an additional cut. But, you cut off one arm. From there, you’ll turn that arm over, lay it on top of the other one, and continue your cut. Next, you’ll take your cut, and you’ll cut the neck right below the collar, but as wide as you like. These kinds of shirts are great fir beachwear, lounging around – it just gives a new, fun purpose to all those t-shirts. From there, you’ll take that half of the shirt, lay it over on the other side. You want to have identical cuts. And, cut up the rest of the way. Make sure your scissors are sharp, to make your job easier. From there, you’ll turn your shirt over, gather the straps in the back with an old string that you may have gotten from another previous t-shirt that you owned. Tie that as many times as you like. If you like to do it tight, it’ll be a stationary knot. Or, if you leave it a little loose, you can always maneuver it later. But, that’s it. That’s how you reconstruct a t-shirt. I’m Brandhyze with Frugal-nomics, here at Grey Era Vintage in New York City. Thank you for watching.


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