High Kick Exercises for Dance Teams

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One very important skill to have on a dance team is the ability to execute a high kick. Learn about high kick exercises for dance teams with help from a professional dance fitness instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sabrina Moxie with Body Lingo, and we're here at Body Lingo Studios in South Pasadena. Today, I'm going to show you some high kick exercises that dance teams can use to practice, to strengthen their muscles, so that you can have fantastic and impressive high kicks. The most important thing about high kicks is that you want to have real muscle control so that you are generating those kicks and that they look like you are in control not like you have a flailing leg. One of the things that's really great for that is making sure you have nice open hip flexors by stretching the hips, strengthening the back and the front of the thighs and of course, the glutes. So one great exercise for that is going into lunges. So this is my assistant, Allie, she's one of the instructors here at Body Lingo, and today she'll be helping me to demonstrate. So starting from the side, with a lunge you want to take a nice, wide step so that you're able to get into a proper position. So for a nice low lunge, take a nice, wide step. You want to make sure that when you drop that back knee, your knee is in line with the hip and your knee is in line with your heel. So knee and hip in line, knee and heel in line, bring it down, hold, bring it up. You want to have good control over your down and your up works so that you're strengthening your thighs and your glutes at the same time. You'll thank me for this later. One of the other very important exercises you can do to open your hips is go into a nice squat. Now a lot of people do squats incorrectly. They bend at the knees. They put too much weight in their knees. You don't actually want to have your weight on your toes, you want to have them in your heels. So we'll demonstrate from the side. Take a nice, wide open stance for your squat, and start by sending the hips back. The rest of the body should follow, keep the chest up. So send the hips back and bend. The weight should be on your heels so that you can lift and wiggle your toes and bring it back up with a nice squeeze. So we'll do three, back and up, back and up, back and up. The longer you can hold these squats, the more power you're going to generate to your thighs and to your glutes so that you can really power out those high kicks. One of the last exercises I'm going to show you is called a botma. It's a ballet technique for high kicks. Botma literally means my beat. So to make sure that you're generating the power for your high kick from your thighs and your glutes, you want to make sure that you have control of that leg swing. So, bring it nice and high, point the toe so that your power is literally going from your hips all the way out through your leg, bringing it high with the left leg, botma, again with the right, botma and we'll do them in sequence. Here we go, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. If you practice these three moves every day, you'll be well on your way to having really nice pristine and powerful high kicks. For more information, visit us at www.bodylingo.org. Take care.


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