How to Care for Synthetic Leather

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Vinyl is a very durable material and is a very coated material. Find out how to care for synthetic leather with help from a leather and vinyl professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Aubrey from the Leather and Vinyl Doctor in Utah. We're here today to talk about how to care of synthetic leathers or what we call vinyl. Now, vinyl is a very durable material and its' a very coated material. So, you find that most of the things you get on vinyl will stay on the surface, they don't get penetrated. So, non-porous material. So, any oil, any kind of contaminants and products that are not going to be good, again, it will generally sit on the surface of the vinyl and will be fairly easy to clean off. In some cases, because of the harshness of the solvent base of the product that will be, of the particular thing you're getting on the vinyl, it's going to penetrate into the, into the vinyl and actually affect the coating of it. And so, they are the things you want to get off very very quickly. But, let's just consider a couple of things. You want to clean your vinyl with a good neutral cleaner; something that has a detergent, some sort of a solvent base to it. When I say solvent, they're a detergent base to, it's going to extract the oil off the surface. We have a multi-purpose cleaner here, a leather and a vinyl cleaner which works well as a pH neutral cleaner. But, you can just apply that directly to the surface of your vinyl and apply and clean that off with a clean cloth that's going to remove any kind of dirt. And then if you like, you can go ahead and, you know, you can spray on some water or you can dip your, another dry clean cloth with some water just to remove any of the, the cleaned off matter, you know. And there you go, this is just a very basic thing, just cleaning your vinyl. Now, if you find that you get some stains or marks on the vinyl, then you have, you can use a series of, of products to escalate. So, you can use a cleaner that'll hopefully remove the, the foreign substance on, on the vinyl. If you want to escalate that, you can go ahead and use the, an IPA, and Isopropyl Alcohol. You can use that straight onto the vinyl. Now, these are solvent based products, so they're going to have, if you rub hard, you know, it can have an impact on the vinyl itself. Always test it out first. Make sure that it's not going to cause the color to come right off. You find that you don't have to press very hard on, yeah, using, using something like a IPA. You can give it fairly quick, quick wipe and you should find that that particular stain comes off fairly easily. Now, if you find that that's not working so well, the next escalation is to go with something like an acetone where you dilute that, 70 percent water, 30 percent acetone and try that as a solution. If it's not coming off with say, six rubs, then generally that stain or that mark would, probably mark or something like that is going to be permanently on the, on the surface of the vinyl and you may have to call a specialist to, to take care of that; maybe re-dye that vinyl. But, generally speaking, that's how you take care of, of artificial leathers or vinyl.


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