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Setting a mixer level is a very important part of the recording process. Learn about setting a mixer level with help from a DJ and event planner in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Winston Widdes, DJ Evolved, and I'm here broadcasting from Level 3 Records Studios in San Diego, California and today we're going to be talking about setting a mixer level. So in setting a mixer level we want to make sure that we don't have the gain set too high or too low so right here you can see on this sample we've got the volume here and this if I do this you can see that the wave form gets smaller, down to practically nothing. If it's too big, you'll notice here that the whole thing doesn't even fit in this image. That means it's going to clip when it plays which doesn't sound very good and we're going to use a different vocal sample and so if I know that this is pretty much the max of my level right here, that's where I want to set the gain but then I can still use the mixture over here. So if I have my other audio going on this channel, and I'm going down to my mixing, I've already got this set but I can still use my faders to bring the level up or down depending on what kind of sound I'm going for. So I use my faders to mix, not the gain because this will throw things way off. So I want to set this once at a level where everything is clean all the way through and then use my mixer, my faders to mix. So that's how you set a mixer level. So once again, I'm Winston Widdes, DJ Evolved, broadcasting from Level 3 Records Studios here in California for


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