How to Wear a Weight Vest Under a Shirt

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Wearing a weight vest under a shirt has a number of different benefits for various parts of your body. Learn how to wear a weight vest under a shirt with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Tyler Tsujimoto with Tsujimoto Fitness. I'm going to talk to you today about how to wear a weight vest and the option of also wearing it underneath a shirt if you decide that you want to wear it all day long for extra calorie burn okay. A couple of things that we need to talk about is there's a lot of different variations of weight vests out there. The one that you have or the one that you get may not look like the one that I'm going to demonstrate with today. If it doesn't look like that that's okay not a big deal. You want to make sure that when you are purchasing one that you get one that's going to fit comfortably. Especially if you are thinking about wearing it all day okay. You don't want it to move around a whole lot on you if you are going to wear it all day. You want it to be pretty firm and secure so that you can go throughout your day with activities and not have additional weight flopping around underneath your clothing. Also some weight vests are adjustable in the amount of weight that you can add to it. If you haven't used weight vests before you don't want to use more then about four percent of your body weight to add to the weight vest itself if you are going to wear it on a daily basis. Okay that would just be too much for the body to handle at first. So no more then four percent. But I'm going to demonstrate how to put this weight vest on. And if you were to wear it underneath a shirt you do it exactly the same way. You just end up putting the shirt on over top okay. A couple a things you want to think about though if you do choose to wear it underneath a shirt if it's going to be on bare skin and you wear it all day chances are you are going to sweat underneath there. And you may experience a little bit of chaffing on the body if that's the case. So keep that in mind. You might want to have an undershirt on and then the weight vest. And then your normal shirt on over top of that okay. But let me demonstrate how to put the weight vest on. How you'd secure it at least for this one and then we'll go from there. So this one we have to lift up over the head. You are going to want to make sure that you kind of get the Velcro out of the way to begin with so it doesn't snag on anything. You are going to lift all the way up, slip the head through okay. Now there is a front and a back to weight vests so you want to make sure that you do have it on properly otherwise the weight is going to be a little bit off balance. With this weight vest there's just two Velcro straps. So reach around the back and you want to bring those out. Strap those in so it's nice and secure. I can move around with this. It's not going to slip around okay. Now again this weight vest may look a little different then the one you choose to get. Some of them only come down to about the bottom of the chest. They're much smaller and they maybe a little bit more suited for wearing on a long term basis. This one however is a little bit more adjustable. You can make it as heavy as 50 pounds so they had to make it a little bit bigger to put the extra weight in there okay. So basics on a weight vest, you want to make sure also if you choose to wear a weight vest you need to expect that there's going to be an extra load on your spine throughout the whole day okay. It helps with calorie burn but your muscles are going to have to work a lot harder too that you are not used to. So don't think that this is a marathon okay. If you are wearing the weight vest and you say I want to wear it for a day but you get a couple of hours in and it's just getting exhausting. Go ahead and take it off. Give your body a break, not a big deal. You can work at progressing the amount of time you are going to wear the weight vest. Again, I'm Tyler Tsujimoto with Tsujimoto Fitness and this has been how to wear a weight vest. And how to wear a weight vest under a shirt.


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