Differences Between Ankle Hiking Boots & Shoes

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Ankle hiking boots and shoes are two completely different types of footwear and should be treated as such. Find out the differences between ankle hiking boots and shoes with help from the CEO of an outdoor gear and apparel retailer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jennifer Mull from Backwoods in Austin, Texas. Today, we're going to talk about the differences and uses of different types of boots, those that go higher up on the ankle and those that are lower. So the first thing to think about when you talk about boots in general is just the fit. That is the most important so no matter what, whether they are high or mid boots or low, you definitely want them to fit and so getting them fitted properly in a store is very important. Beyond that it does start with kind of what the use is for the boot. So if you are going into rugged terrain you often might want a more higher boot. So you're going to go with something more like this, high or a mid boot that actually does come up over the ankle to some degree. That's really important so you don't roll your ankle, etc., and again if you are going into rugged terrain that's obviously a more likelihood, the rougher the terrain is. So you're definitely going to look for a boot like that. Also you might look for a boot like that if you are carrying heavier loads, so if you are going to do backpacking with a heavier pack, etc., that's even more important. So again you have a high boot, this comes up obviously higher on the ankle, you have a mid boot and then lastly you have what is called a low shoe. This is one, well not to say you couldn't wear it, often people do not want to because this is more useful if you are on less rugged terrain and also if you are carrying lighter loads. It's often known as a fast shoe and it is just that. So you can move quicker, etc., the higher the boot it tends to be a little heavier. So this is a good option again if you are in not so rugged terrain or if you are just wanting to move fast doing light day hiking, that type of thing. Lastly the thing that you might have noticed is that with all these boots there is a combination of things so you can have different materials in the boot, some synthetic, this has, you know a lot of synthetic on it and this is a full leather boot and that in and of itself can provide different amounts of support.


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