How to Make Your Own Mini First Aid Kit

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Making your own mini first aid kit can really help prevent disaster later on. Make your own mini first aid kit with help from the CEO of an outdoor gear and apparel retailer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jennifer Mull, with Backwoods in Austin, Texas. Today, we're gonna talk about how to make your own mini medical kit. So, just to start out with, I'd say consider first and foremost what activity you're doing. That's gonna really dictate a lot about what you need to take in your medical kit. There's certainly basic things that you probably want in all your medical kits, but certainly the activity that you're gonna be engaged in can affect what you might wanna bring. Just what injuries you might, you know, happen to get while you're out doing that activity. Secondly, I just mentioned that a lot of the adventure medical kits that are out there now are quite complete. They are tailor-made to particular activities, and they're fairly inexpensive. So you certainly can buy them ready-made, some that are a small as this type of kit that's already prepacked for you. If you are gonna make your own, one of the biggest things to consider is just making sure that it's water proof. So, whether that be just a baggy or something like that from home, or you can again, buy waterproof coverage for it that you would really need to make certain that you do utilize, 'cause you just don't want the band aids and other things that might be in there to get ruined by any water contact. The other types of things that you might consider, and again, depending on the activity that you're doing, are tweezers, various bandages, salves and ointments so to prevent any infection, and then you also might consider butterfly bandages, et cetera, for particularly deep cuts that you cannot maybe at that moment get stitches for, et cetera. But again, the biggest thing I think you have to consider is what activity you're doing and then what's particularly appropriate for anything you might encounter while doing that activity.


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