The Best Way to Keep Mosquitoes out of Your Camp

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Keeping mosquitoes out of your camp can sometimes be easier said than done. Find out about the best way to keep mosquitoes out of your camp with help from the CEO of an outdoor gear and apparel retailer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jennifer Mull from Backwoods in Austin, Texas. Today, we're gonna talk about how to keep mosquitoes out of your camp. So the first thing would be, obviously, in car camping it's quite a bit easier. You can certainly take Tiki torches or other sprays that, you know, emit odor that will keep bugs away. So in car camping, you have a lot more flexibility because you're not actually packing anything in. In terms of a backpacking trip, or something of that nature where you're carrying your own products, there's a number of ways to try to keep the mosquitoes out. The bottom line really is that you're not gonna be able to keep them out, but you will be able to protect yourself from mosquitoes. So the first, and probably most common thing that people do, is just using insect repellent. Things that are lotions or sprays, some have DEET, some don't, some are made chemical-free, et cetera. So there's lots of options, and you can kind of decide what your preference is. But, bug spray or lotion is a great option, and certainly one that everybody should use. Secondly, there are some other options, particularly for when you're sleeping or if you have like a camp site that you have some ability to drape nets and things like that over. So, have a couple options here. One is just a full mosquito net that can go over almost an entire campsite, or certainly a large area of it. It basically just drapes over like you've seen perhaps on beds and things like that. There's also some more personal garments that you can use. This just comes in a small package here, and it pops open. And this is actually something you can sleep under. So it will lay out on the ground, there we go, as such, and you can lay in it and just drape it over you to keep the bugs out. There's also, again, another personal garment, that if you are brave enough, you can actually put this over your head and it will actually, if you cinch it down, and you will actually be able to keep the bugs out that way as well. And lastly, there are garments now where the insect shield is what it's called, is bonded tightly to the fabric, and you can actually wear these garments. So, this happens to be a shirt, there's socks and hats and other things that are available, bandannas, that will also help to keep the bugs away.


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