How to Hang a Bespoke Suit

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Bespoke suits need to be hung in a very particular way to avoid wrinkles and other types of damage. Hang a bespoke suit with help from a professional image consultant in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Brian Lipstein, President of Henry A. Davidsen, and we're here today to talk about how to hang a bespoke suit. First of all, you wanna have a good hanger. Your best hangers are gonna have a wider shoulder here, and generally you're gonna see a pant bar that you can hang the pants from here. If you can, avoid the bars that clip, and hang on a felted bar like so. What will happen is the clip will put a crease on the pant. Sometimes you will see a hanger like this, get this untangled, this is a standard wire pant hanger, and other times you'll see your most common hanger, just the cheap wire hanger here. You really wanna avoid putting anything on these hangers, as they will misshape with the weight of the clothing, as you can see here, if I pull on it a little bit. That will also misshape the clothing and damage it over time. So we wanna forget about this hanger. When you hang the suit, you wanna start by folding the pants at the creases. So, if you take the front two belt loops and fold, put them together, it will align the crease down the pant, pinch it at the knee, and lay it just over the bar like so. If you're doing it on this hanger, you would undo the hanger, slide it onto the bar, and re-clip it. When hanging clothing after taking it off, you really wanna allow it to hang for about 24 hours outside of the closet before putting it back. This allows any smells and moisture to evaporate throughout the day. When hanging the jacket, simply slip the shoulders over the hanger and let that hang as well for 24 hours before putting it back into the closet. When you do put it back into the closet, you wanna make sure it has ample space to hang so that the other clothing isn't pinching it, and causing wrinkling in the closet, which is against the idea of hanging it on the hanger. So that's how to hang a bespoke suit, again I'm Brian Lipstein, here at Henry Davidsen.


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